02 July 2004

The Conflict Between Secularism and Islam in Turkey (new book)

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research in Abu Dhabi has published a new study in Arabic language about Turkey, under the title "The Conflict Between Secularism and Islam in Turkey"(serial no. 99, 1st edition, 2004, number of pages 106), by author Khalil Al-Tayyar.

Summary of the Study as mentioned in the webpage of The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research:

"This research analyzes the main events of the conflict between secularism and Islam in Turkey from the 19th century to date - a conflict that resulted in the Jews' and Freemasons' backed deposition of Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1909 and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's abolition of the Sultanate and Caliphate (1922 and 1924 respectively) and adoption of secularism against religion.

The research discusses how the power of the Islamist movement has grown after being suppressed and the stages of its conflict with Turkish military leaders and their advocates - i.e., secular politicians who fear Turkey again becoming an Islamic state and the collapse of the secular system. The research links the massive strikes, launched by those leaders against the Islamist movement, and the military alliance with Israel to thwart the efforts of Islamists, who call for a return of the Islamic identity and weight to Turkey and its role within the Muslim world. It also envisions the horizon of this future conflict".

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