21 April 2006

Guestbook of the Abu Dhabi Armenian Community School's 25th anniversary

Azad-Hye, Dubai, 21 April 2006: On 10th March 2006 the Abu Dhabi Armenian Community School celebrated its 25th anniversary.

On this occasion a website was launched with a call to gather pictures and documents related to the school.

A guestbook also was established where old and new students (since 1981) could post their comments and messages. The Principal of the School Tamar Der-Ohannessian posted a welcome message encouraging others to share their views and to send their thoughts and memories.

The website included a collection of Armenian press articles on the most important events related to the school in the last few years (mainly end of the year theatrical plays and graduation ceremonies).

The photo gallery of the website hosted 60 photos, covering almost all the 25 years of the school. Additional photos were included in the special anniversary book, available online at the following links:
http://www.azad-hye.com/adschool/photo-gallery-1.pdf (Part I, 2.31 MB)
http://www.azad-hye.com/adschool/photo-gallery-2.pdf (Part II, 2.22 MB)

See complete report on the event.

Now that the guestbook has been closed, we would like to invite you to read all the comments gathered during the last one and half month:

1) Tamar Der-Ohannessian, Principal of the Abu Dhabi Armenian Community School (welcome message):
05 February 2006
Hello to all. The Armenian Community School of Abu Dhabi will appreciate your thoughts and memories regarding the school. Please do write and share them with us.

2) Gulizar Jonian:
26 February 2006
Congratulations for the Website & 25th Anniversary! A big Thank You for keeping our Mother tongue Alive.

3) Seta Mangassarian - Balouzian:
26 February 2006
Shnorhavoroutyouner 25 darva haradev ashkhadanki hashoghoutyan. Isgabes arans mer ousoutchouhineroun yev ojantag marminneroun modesoumin bidi chi gernank bahel mer lezoun, mer grone, mer hayrenike. Tebi harach.

4) Nil Vahakn Agopoff, (Paris, Research Center on the Armenian Diaspora: http://www.crda-france.org/index.htm)
26 February 2006
Congratulations for the 25th Anniversary.
"The Name Of Arabs Will Be Entered In The History Of Armenians In Golden Letters." ... words said by the religious leader of the Armenian refugees present to the historical session in the City Hall of Damascus, May 9, 1919.
"Documents on British Foreign Policy. 1919-1939", 1st series, Vol. IV, London 1952.

5) Maria Arzoumanian-Kordzian, co-founder of the School, now living in Philadelphia, USA:
27 February 2006
I wanted to congratulate you for launching this new and amazing website, for the Armenian Community School of Abu-Dhabi. I was looking at the photo's in the "Gallery" link and I can't begin to tell you how proud I feel to see our Giragnorya, after all these years, still in existence and growing so beautifully, with you as the Principal, with all those bright eyed attractive Armenian students and a nice group of loving and active teachers and doing so so well. It's evident your and the teachers' efforts have been countless there over the years and the community I'm sure appreciates all your devotion and contributions. It's my dream to visit there someday to reminisce and visit the school.

Seeing the pictures, the familiar and the not so familiar faces was truly something. To think I was that young once, 25 years ago... sitting in those classrooms, standing in line before class and performing on stage...wow!

I wish I didn't miss this anniversary party and knew about it sooner. I'm sure you know by now that Arpi is going to be there soon so maybe she'll be at the party, and will tell me all about it when she returns.

If ok, I also wanted to make a suggestion about the website. Have you considered getting in touch with some of the alumni and getting their photo's and perhaps some short messages from them to the school, to put in a designated link?

That way, you can insert their contacts in there as well, so other alumni's or teachers or parents of new students can get in touch with them. I think that would be something good for the school. It'll make new parents see that this school comes from a big family with a strong bond and a great history. This may require a lot of research and can turn into a lot of work but it's a suggestion or something to consider.

Anyway, good luck with the anniversary party. I wish you all a great time. Please share some photo's of the party afterwards if possible (or just put them in your new website).

Thanks so much for including me in your mailing. Sending hugs and many great wishes from across the miles.


6) Lena DerOhannessian:
27 February 2006
Congratulations on 25 years! It has been very inspiring to watch the school grow - and watch the students succeed through life!! Shnorhavor ellah!!

7) Souren Sarafyan (http://www.savemelkonian.org, http://www.sarafyan.com, http://www.free-cyprus.com):
25 February 2006
May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the fantastic job you are doing in the UAE in keeping the Armenian sprit and culture alive.

I know it is not an easy task, and not always appreciated, but worth persevering with.

I was lucky enough to attend the Melkonian School in Cyprus and thus appreciate how important education is in keeping a sense of Armenianness alive in the Diaspora.

Bravo polorit, and may I wish you the greatest success in the coming years.

8) Seto Baghdassarian, (http://setobaghdassarian.com):
03 March 2006
Congratulations to the Armenians of the Emirates, best wishes to the Council of the Armenian community of Abu Dhabi. You are the best.

9) Shaghig:
03 March 2006
Congratulations on the 25 years of success and I'm proud to be one of those students who have shared, learned and enjoyed from these years. Thank u and best of luck.

10) Adrina Kojakian:
04 March 2006
On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Armenian school in Abu Dhabi,
I would like to congratulate and express my gratitude and appreciation to the Director, teachers and all volunteers of the Armenian school in Abu Dhabi for establishing the foundation of the Armenian language, history and culture within the minds and the hearts of our young generation, apart from educating them to become better and successful individuals in life.

11) Madeleine Kojakian, (http://www.maddyk.com):
07 March 2006
What a great site! It gave me a sense of nostalgia! Looking back to those precious Armenain school days, I appreciate all that the school and the volunteers gave to us! Those memories will forever be with me and I will be eternally grateful for everyone's precious time and effort!

Congratulations on a great job done!

12) Sarine Saatdjian:
09 March 2006
Congratulations on the 25th anniversary! It’s been great having an institute that has for many years enhanced the Armenian culture and language in us, and I am honored to be part of it.

A big thank you to the director, teachers and all who have put their work and effort to make this possible.

13) Anita Saatdjian:
09 March 2006
Remember Armenia is not just a place or a country but people uniting for a great cause; we were a great civilization once and will be once again! God bless and great work!

As I was browsing through this great website, I remembered all the years I spent at the Armenian School. Words can't describe my sincere gratitude to all the teachers and volunteers who have sacrificed their precious time for 25 years in order to build this great Armenian Foundation. I appreciate all what the Armenian School has given me and I feel responsible to carry forward the same message that was relayed to me towards the coming generation. Congratulations and thank you for your efforts!

14) Zaven Kojakian, (http://www.KojakianEnterprise.com):
09 March 2006
Wow... has it been that long! Congratulations!
Being one of the students here a long time ago makes me proud to be a part of this great organization. Thank you to all the hard-working teachers and organizers that have kept this Armenian school going year after year. It was definitely not easy.

15) Dr. Vartan Ozinian, Spoksperson of the "Pro Edvcato" Worldwide International body.
10 March 2006
On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Abu Dhabi Armenian Community
School (ADACS), GRTASSER of Pro Edvcatio Worldwide International body presents its congratulations to all kind of contributors for educational activities of the School.

Pro Edvcatio considers the diversity of cultures in any country as a generator of human resources dynamics.

May the ADACS contribution to the wellbeing of Abu Dhabi be the best of its
capabilities through Western Armenian Culture.

Long live ADACS and long life in Excellency.

16) Berge Ohannessian:
18 March 2006
I hope that this site stays forever. See you all at the 50th Anniversary :)

17) Sandra Maghakian:
19 March 2006
Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the Armenian School of Abu Dhabi. It is a remarkable achievement and the credit goes to all those who worked tirelessly and devotedly to maintain our culture and heritage in those faraway places. I enjoyed reading the articles and looking over the pictures.
Good work

18) Stephan Bagboudarian:
19 March 2006
I am excited to know that there is an Armenian school in Dubai, and that there is a thriving Armenian Community over there.

I am very happy that I am getting the e- mails. Continue the good work.

19) Alice Ohannaisian:
21 March 2006
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of our beloved Armenian school, I would like to thank all the volunteer teachers for giving their time and effort to let this school on-going, and I am very proud to be one of this school graduates.

Congratulations for all what you have done.

My best wishes to all of you.....

View photos of the 25th anniversary celebrations at the following link:

Photo: Principal Tamar Der-Ohannessian embracing senior teacher Arous Ohannaisian (both honored for their 23 years of continuous service)

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