29 November 2004

Armenians, the Turks and the Europeans

By Giragos (Garo) Kouyoumdjian

The below text is translated from Arabic, which was originally published in "Al Qabas" daily, Kuwait City, 22 November 2004. You can read the Arabic text at www.azad-hye.com.

"All this oppression if forgotten by our children then Armenians deserve the cursing of the world"

This is what was called for by the renowned poet (Avedis Aharonian), and he put the burdens on Armenian generations and the children commited to it. Generation after generation as one gave the banner to the other renewing the commitment not to forget and confirming the continuous remembrance of the oppression that their grandfathers had endured under the Turks over times which reached its peak at the start of the twentieth century in Anatolia and neighboring deserts which is a period in which our great poet had lived the tragedies of his poor compatriots.

This is not a will for the Armenians only, it is also a will and responsibility of the rulers of free people and those who suffered the catastrophes of wars, destruction, displacement and killings by the millions. This is a sincere and beneficial advice to Europe's rulers on the eve of their meeting to discuss the possibility of admitting Turkey to the European community on Dec 2004.

This is an appeal not to forget oppression anywhere on anybody or people regardless of the ruler or the regime. It is an invitation not only not forget mass killings and genocide that people had faced 90 years ago, but to cleanse the human conscious from the deliberate forgetness sin which encourages repetitions. The sin of the silent who is a participant in the massacre during which one third (1/3) of a people suffered while living on the land of their ancestors since the dawn of history. Those people continually contribute to civilization in architecture, astronomy, physics, literature, and various types of cultures and arts as well as all what is required from civilized people of same era like the Greeks, Romans and Persians.

For the European people to allow Turkey to join them before it cleans itself from its aggressive past which is well known to the European people, they will make a grave mistake for which the forth coming European generations will be sorry. Turkey must clean its hands and heart and must make mends with the people that suffered a lot under it (the Middle East people know this very well), and particularly the Armenian people who sacrificed one and a half million of its youth, women, children and elderly. In order to facilitate the application of the war plans on the Russians who are enemies of the Ottoman Empire in the eastern frontier over the Armenian lands that were under the Ottoman rule during WWI in 1915 and to fulfill the expansionist dreams towards central Asia until the Chinese borders and form a union with ethnic Turks that spans from the Caspian sea through Armenia which was an obstacle in front of achieving this goal due to its geographic location..

Without Turkey's official admission of the oppression that their ancestors subjected the Armenians to, and settling the legal rights of the survivors as well as the independent Armenian state, the acceptance of Turkey in the European union will be a shame on Europe that will distort its civilization with a red spot that cannot be removed even by the strongest detergents including time and history.

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Giragos (Garo) Kouyoumdjian is an Armenian businessmen living in Kuwait.

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