20 February 2005

Azad-Hye.com newsletter 2 years old

With more than 1450 messages circulated to its 270 members, our newsletter (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/azad-hye/ ) marked on the 16th February 2005 its second anniversary.

What is the aim of the newsletter?

- Circulate articles that originally appear on www.azad-hye.com
- Deliver general Armenian subjects, emphasizing on Middle East Armenian issues
- Create an atmosphere of fruitful discussion and exchange of opinions
- Foster tolerance among Armenians
- Underline the importance of media broadcasting and transparency in Armenian public life.
- Provide podium and means of communications for those who have something to convey to their fellow Armenians.

The list could be much longer. The main idea is that the newsletter is a meeting point for Armenians of all ages and beliefs living in the United Arab Emirates and abroad.

We would be very happy if you participate in this effort. No reward is more gratifying for us than seeing an Armenian taking part in our public life with full awareness and sense of responsibility.

To have your message distributed to other members of this Newsletter you can write directly to: azad-hye@yahoogroups.com

For comments, inquiries and suggestions please write to: hrach@emirates.net.ae

Here is a reminder of the Group settings:

- The Group is listed in Yahoo Groups.
- Anyone can post messages, but the messages should be approved from the moderator before they are distributed.
- Membership requires approval.
- The archives (all the 1450 messages up to this moment) are viewable by the public. This can enrich any reader of whatsoever background, especially if he/she is interested on Middle East Armenian subjects. E-mail attachments are received by the moderator but are not allowed to be circulated, due to size and format problems.
- The main page link on the Internet is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/azad-hye/
- Features that appear on the left side of the above link, such as photos, links, database, polls, calendar, etc. could be used by those who have Yahoo ID.

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