15 April 2005

Arabic page dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

AZAD-HYE (Dubai, 15 April 2005):We have launched a page in Arabic language
about the Genocide. The page will be enriched periodically with new

See the following link: http://www.azad-hye.com/media/arabic_sources02.html

Contents (fo far):

1- Fayez Al Ghousein's book "Massacres in Armenia" (Egypt, 1917): An Arab
eye-witness account of the Genocide. The online Arabic version (taken from
the Arabic supplement of Cairo's "Arev", April 2003) is a very important
source, that shows to the Arab public how brutal were the Young Turks
against the Armenians.

2- "Many thanks to Arabs", by Giragos Kouyoumdjian, expresses his gratitude
to the Arabs who defied the Ottoman orders and sheltered the Armenians
during WWI (appeared in the Kuwait Arab daily "Al Qabas", 14/4/2005)

3- "Late apology to the Armenians on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of
the massacres": by Kurdish writer Yousef Sheikho, who says the kurdish
involvement in the Armenian Genocide does not mean that the Kurds as nation
are responsible. He urges the silent Kurdish intellectuals to express their
views and apologize for the horrible deeds of some Kurds during that period.

4- "Turkey: face to face with its past", article by Hrach Kalsahakian. The
Genocide taboo is over and Turks are expressing themselves about it. Some
are accepting it but the majority seems still ignorant.

5- "Ceremony in honour of the leaders of the Arab tribes, whose grandfathers
helped the Armenians during the time of the persecutions". The ceremony took
place in the Syrian city of Der Ez-zor on 24/4/2002. Three years later, in
March-April 2005, the same leaders and other members of the Syrian Arab
tribes visited the monument of the one million and half Armenian victims in

6- Call by Giragos Kouyoumdjian (Kuwait) in the Arabic daily "Al Qabas"
(26/3/2005) on Turkey to recognize the Genocide and open a new page with
neighbouring Armenia.

7- Article by Ara Ashjian on Turkish intellectuals who are starting to
express themselves freely and condemning the Genocide of the Armenians.
These are the first courageous signs.

8- Comments by Ara Ashjian on an article by Turkish famous journalist Mehmet
Ali Birand (5/2/2005), in which the latter confesses that the efforts of the
Turkish propaganda to stop the recognition of the Armenian Genocide
worldwide are facing serious problems and they have actually failed.

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