24 February 2006

Website of Armenian Cause in Arabic language launched in Beirut

Azad-Hye, Dubai, 24 February 2006: The National Armenian Committee in the Middle East has launched its all-Arabic website in February 2006. See the following link: http://www.ancme.org/

The committee is the Middle Eastern version of the Armenian National Committee of America (http://www.anca.org). It addresses the Arab public with a plain language and user friendly material.

The following sections are available on the main page of the website:

1- Latest news: series of news (mostly political) from international and regional news agencies, related to Armenia and Armenians, sometimes as short as few lines.

2- Studies and researches: A collection of articles and researches by Arab authors on Arab – Armenian relations, the Armenian Cause, Diaspora’s contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Cause, the dangers of the Pan-Turanianism, etc.

3- Publications: A list of publications by the Armenian Studies Center in Beirut since 1994 (totally 10 books).

4- Documentation: Treaties, maps, testimonies, including a list of parliaments and international organizations that have passed resolutions on the Armenian genocide. The interesting thing about this section is that almost all the texts of the above resolutions are given in Arabic language. This would certainly enable the Arab reader to have an overall view of the legal framework of these resolutions.

5- Photo gallery: Currently hosting series of photos related to the Genocide, Karabakh movement and the recent destruction of the Armenian historical cemetery in Old Julfa (Nakhichevan).

The website aims to present the Arab public with documents and scientific researches on the Armenian history and especially on the Armenian cause, for the purpose of enlightening the public opinion. Another target is the strengthening of the Armenian and Arab – Islamic ties through the encouragement of the diplomatic, cultural and economical exchanges between Armenia and the Arab World.

Much has to be done in the Arab and Islamic countries regarding Genocide recognition. Out of more than 50 Arab and Islamic states, only the Lebanese parliament has made a declaration condemning the Genocide. All the rest, including the countries that have historically accepted Armenian refugees and survivors of the Genocide, have not discussed the issue on official level.

The fact that the overwhelming majority of the Arab and Islamic countries do not have freely elected parliaments, definitely contributes to this policy of ignorance.

Supporting Turkey unconditionally as an Islamic country, without having a fair look into the historical facts, is another trait that is not helping much for the Genocide recognition campaign. Member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference usually support each other without going into much details.

We hope that the website will help in introducing the Armenian cause to the general Arab public and will create more favorable stance towards the imminent need of recognizing the Armenian Genocide.


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