11 November 2007

'The knock at the door' wins USA News Best Book of 2007 Award

Memoir of Armenian Genocide sweeps World History Category

A book by Margaret Ajemian Ahnert

Synopsis: In 1915, Armenian in Turkey were forced to change their religion, barred from speaking their language, and often driven out of their homes as the Turkish army embarked on a widespread campaign of intimidation and murder. In this riveting book, Margaret Ajemian Ahnert relates her mother Ester's terrifying experiences as a young woman during this period of hatred and brutality.

At age 15, Ester was separated from her foster family during a forced march away from her birth town of Amasia. Though she faced unspeakable horrors at the hands of many she met on the road, and was forced into an abusive marriage against her will, she never lost her faith, quick wit, or ability to see the good in people. Eventually she escaped and made her way to America. Read more.