27 May 2004

Armenian Public TV visits the Arabian Gulf Countries (February & March 2004)

Rafael Hovhannisian, a young TV-journalist in the Armenian Public TV,visited during February and March 2004, with his team of cameramen and assistants, three of the Arabian Gulf countries (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar).

He prepared six episodes of his travel TV magazine: “On the Foreign and Desolated Roads” (Odar Amayi Jampeki Vra), which was aired on Friday evenings as follows: Abu Dhabi (5 March), Sharjah and Dubai (12 March), Fujairah (19 March), Bahrain (26 March), Qatar (2 and 9 April).

The program was sponsored by “Anelik Company” www.anelik.ru (best known for money transfer services to and from Armenia) and AGBU (Armenian General Benevolent Union). It was endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. The editor of the episodes was Arthur Sarafian, producer: Rafael Hovhannisian, “Sharm” Studio, tel: 003741-540228, fax: 003741-540228,e-mail: info@sharm.am

The episodes about the Arabian Gulf countries were number 22-28 in this serial that has covered till this moment many countries in the world,especially European and Middle Eastern ones.

Besides the usual travel information and scenes of tourist attractions, the program devoted considerable part of its time to the Armenian Community life and activities, interviews with famous or successful individuals, who have settled in those countries.
As far as the UAE is concerned, the program succeeded to convey a fair idea about life here, particularly referring to the achievements of modern architecture, the blooming economy, the peaceful coexistence of many nationalities, etc. The episode on Fujairah included spectacular scenes on a desert safari expedition, along with the song of famous Armenian singer Tata Simonian (the Desert Darling / Anabadi Yar). AZAD-HYE.

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