01 September 2004

Alain Manoukian invites the Armenians of the UAE

AZAD-HYE (1 September 2004): Many Armenian businessmen forget their communities when they get rich and famous. Others prefer to donate or assist in community welfare, but without failing, in every occasion, to stress or repeat their names as noble benefactors or sponsors.

Alain Manoukian is a known name in the worldwide fashion business. His name clearly shows that he is Armenian (or as it is the fashion nowadays to say: of Armenian origin). "Apparel LLC" has issued an introductory message introducing the Alain Manoukian label to the public: "After being a leader in the main countries of Europe, Alain Manoukian has now spread its wings to Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, etc., and last but not least The United Arab Emirates. Privileged partner of Alain Manoukian Apparel LLC has opened three shops in the Gulf Area: Dubai (Burjuman Center), Abu Dhabi (Fatouh Al Khair Center) and Qatar (Hyatt Plaza, Doha)".

The most interesting thing is that Alain Manoukian's brand Managers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (Dhanashree Sowani and Siddbarth Jain, respectively) have issued a joint message dated 3rd August 2004 and addressed to the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Abu Dhabi, in which they invite the Armenians of Abu Dhabi to visit their shops. In particular the message says: "Alain Manoukian is a prestigious designer label from France, started by Alain Manoukian himself, who is an Armenian by birth. And thus, Alain Manoukian is already a familiar name with the Armenian community. In order to increase the awareness of this brand and the ever-classic style of Alain Manoukian which is now available here in Abu Dhabi, we would like to reach out to especially to the Armenian community living here in the Emirates. We would like to invite the Armenians to visit the store and also help us in creating a customer data-base, so that we can come up with special offers and promotions in the coming season, exclusively for the Armenian community. We would appreciate if you could offer your support in this endeavor. Your valuable feedback will be highly appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation".

We are happy at Azad-Hye.com that Mr. Alain Manoukian has given instructions to his representatives to approach the Armenian community. Of course, there would be some leery people amongst us who will insist that he is motivated by his business drive to gain more money, but we should point out here, that the buying capacity of the Armenians of the UAE is limited (due mainly to their number) and that (after all) there is no harm in considering the Armenians as potential customers, since only the dead people do not consume.

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