15 November 2004

New Armenian residential complex near Aleppo

AZAD-HYE (14 November 2004): In the northern Syrian city of Aleppo an estimated 50 thousand Armenians live today in areas of the city that hosted them since the Genocide of 1915. Even before that, hundreds of Armenian tradesmen and their families used to inhabit the city for many centuries. The Cathedral of 40 Martyrs has a story of about 400 years.

During the 80's and 90's of the last century the Armenian Prelacy of Aleppo and several Organizations managed to invest community funds in the construction of residential buildings, in which hundreds of families are accommodated now. It was a successful drive, although many needy families were left out and the majority of the available flats were allocated to kin or political groups.

Now a new residential compound is being erected just outside Aleppo at the initiative of the "Kilikia Residential Association", whose members are mostly Armenians. The project initially will have 100 modern units.

Syrian Minister of Urban Development Mohammad Nihad Mushantat, Mayor of Aleppo Usama Adi, Council General of Armenia to Aleppo Armen Melkonian and others were among the dignitaries who attended the opening ceremony of this project on 23rd October 2004. Key speakers underlined the role of the Armenian community in the social and economic life of Syria. The Council General of Armenia planted a traditional Armenian-Arab friendship tree near the entrance gate.

It was confirmed to our sources that this project also will hardly satisfy the needs of young Armenians who plan to get married or are already married, because the financial requirements seem to be above the average.

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