05 December 2004

Add Armenian flavour to your life!

AZAD-HYE (5 December 2004): The United Nations has published a book of 300 rice recipes from all around the world to mark the end of the International Year of Rice.

Meanwhile the Armenian's Women Association of Abu Dhabi has introduced a new idea: "Cook Book Calendar 2005".

The result is a neat publication, consisted of 12 Armenian traditional receipts in English language, with pictures and detailed preparation guide for these receipts: chocolate mud cake topped with cream caramel, parcelled royal pilaf, cheese pastries, mante, yogurt tart, walnuts kebbeh, stuffed mussels, gata, khavourma, honey cake, nivik and baked eggplant with mince meat.

The Calendar is introduced to the public by the following words of acknowledgment: "As a nation that is scattered all over the world, the Armenian traditions are an integral and tightly knitted aspect of our lives that is passed on from generation to generation. Armenian cuisine is one such entity that is of great importance as with any other aspect of our rich culture. It is a great pleasure to introduce to you our humble efforts by sharing this experience through this exclusively prepared calendar for 2005. Each month of the year will give you a flavor of an authentic Armenian dish that has been customized in accordance to the cultures where Armenians have resided. We believe that this cookbook/calendar will give you the opportunity to enjoy cooking our delicious food with its health building ingredients".

We would like to thank the members of the Armenian's Women Association of Abu Dhabi (Silva Toutikian, Anna Tazian, Diko Sarkissian, Houry Biouss, Hilda Bayandourian, Maral Hadjibalian, Maral Saatjian, Alenoush Seraidarian and Arous Ohannessian) for this innovative idea.

To receive your copy you are asked to contact one of the above members. The price is 20 UAE dirhams (about 5.5 US dollars). Add Armenian flavor to your life.

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