09 December 2004

Armenian of Bahrain

AZAD-HYE (9 December 2004): In April 2004 we reported that after the expansion of the number of Armenians in Qatar to more that 200, need emerged to organize the community. Thus Archbishop Gorun Babian (Catholicosal Vicar of Kuwait and Arabian Gulf Armenians) visited Doha and had meetings with some prominent Armenian personalities there, leading to the formation of the Council of Qatari Armenians.

Now the turn has come to the neighbouring small Kingdom of Bahrain (a group of islands in the Arabian Gulf) to have a form of organized Armenian life. The number of Armenians in the island is not large, a mere 100. For their spiritual needs Armenian Holy Mass ceremony will be conducted for the first time in the capital Manama on 10th December 2004, by Archbishop Gorun Babian. Father Aram Deyirmendjian, priest of the UAE Armenians, will join the Archbishop in this mission.

Bahraini Armenians have come from many countries including Lebanon, Syria, Iran, France, US and lately Armenia.

We would like to ask our Bahraini Armenian friends to send us photos about their Community life.

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