12 December 2004

Armenian Weekly School of Abu Dhabi

For more than 20 years the Armenian Weekly School of Abu Dhabi is providing basic knowledge of Armenian language and culture to the children of the Community. Every Wednesday afternoon some 40-50 children aged 5-14 follow lessons of Armenian language, history, religion, songs, etc.

Main Armenian calendar events are celebrated during the year. Students take part in other events organized by the Council of the Armenian Community of Abu Dhabi (such as April 24, May 28, etc.). About ten volunteer ladies participate in the educational process. Head of the School for many years has been Mrs. Tamar Der Ohannessian.

The students occasionally participate in the choir during Holy Mass ceremonies. The school year ends with a neatly prepared graduation ceremony, characterized with its musical-theatrical play. All visitors of the Armenian Community make a stop at the school and express their appreciation for the volunteer work in progress.

See photo of the school year 2004-2005 at www.azad-hye.com

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