20 January 2005

A Thousand Years of Indian Armenian History


The Armenian Chapel built by the adopted son of Emperor Akbar of the Moghuls and the adjoining Armenian Cemetery the gift of the same adopted son stood proudly for hundreds of years as a reminder of the great days of the Armenians.

The Chapel today is being destroyed and the cemetery disappearing. Hundreds of vagrants and illegals have stormed into the grounds and made it into their homes, kitchens and toilets. No one can even dare go there. Even to take photographs. You may pay with your life!

The Armenian nation is represented by an Ambassador here in India. This Embassy is supported by the Armenians of Calcutta who have gifted it with a Rs 400 million new building and Rs 5 million a year for upkeep and pocket money. The President of Armenia has visited Delhi and various other important people come here too.

The very active despot of Calcutta, Sonia John, who spends Rs 2.5 million a year harassing Armenians through the Courts, CANNOT EVEN SPEND A PENNY TO SAVE ARMENIAN HISTORY. In fact she spent Rs .5 million to vandalise the graveyard in Calcutta to make a car park, so we suppose her sympathies lie with the vandals of the Armenian monuments in Delhi.

Sir, people have missed our postings on your site. Maybe we are tired. We have asked for support to stop this despotic regime that stands idly by while Armenian history is being erased stone by stone, inch by inch. The despotic regime has fabulous wealth at its disposal which it will NOT use to save Armenian history.Our appeals on the internet and in letters and in phone calls are really ignored. Maybe Armenians are making more money to be even concerned with the erasure of an Armenian community. How long can we (maybe five people) alone fight this tyranny wihtout your support? How long can we spend our own pocket money visiting the desecration of Armenian monuments and culture and spend more money reporting this to the world, while the world reads our posting ans passes on its busy way?

God Bless you Armenians from all over the world for being so busy. God Bless all of you when you remember the extinction of our community and our history and did nothing, NOTHING to stop this madness. If you wish to do something you may raise a stink with the Indian Embassy / Consuls / Diplomats all over the world, and ask them in writing, on the phone about the destruction of the Armenian Chapel and cemetery in KISHENGANJ, NEW DELHI. The police can arrrest all the vandals, the Catholicos of Etchmimadzin can ask his favourite daughter SONIA JOHN of Calcutta, to spend a few million rupees on saving this history. If you ask HIM, THE CATHOLICOS ! HE DOES NOT HEAR OUR VOICE OR READ OUR LETTERS! The Armenian Apostolic Church is deaf and dumb about the Calcutta Armenians.

And no Sir, Mr. Sarkissian, (who asked about us in his posting) WE DONT NEED A PRIEST IN CALCUTTA. The next Priest who comes here, will be a supporter of the regime and again baptise Hindus, Muslims and the bloody lot who will support Mrs. Sonia John, while our children remain unbaptised.! We don't need such a Priest.

Max Galstaun, Calcutta

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