18 February 2005

11th Temagan Meeting, Sharjah 2005

AZAD-HYE (18 February 2005): The overall political situation in the Gulf Region was this time favorable for the meeting of the Armenian Prelacy Body (Temagan) of Kuwait and Arabian Gulf Countries. During the last two years the war in Iraq and the political instability in the Region had affected the course of these annual meetings, without causing significant delays or troubles.

The meeting took place in the Sharjah Armenian Community Center from 16-17 February 2005, with the attendance of about 18 delegates, headed by Archbishop Gorun Babian, who welcomed the delegates and conveyed to them the blessings of Catholicos Aram I.

The yearly reports of the three local National Administrations (Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates of the UAE) were delivered and assessed without public audience, in the presence of those who had originally appointed the members of these bodies.

The Prelacy Body moved ahead to appoint functioning members of the three National Administrations for a term of two years. Some old members were reinstalled in their same positions, others were reshuffled in new positions within the usual frame. Series of self-
appointments also were recorded, with the result that several individuals assumed duties in both bodies, thus combining legislative and executing powers.

No press was invited to attend the meeting and no writing whatsoever is expected to circulate. A lively photo of the participants was fixed on the announcement board of the Sharjah Armenian Church.

Archbishop Gorun Babian, Catholicosal Vicar of the Prelacy (based in Kuwait), referred to the meeting at the end of the praying service in the Sharjah Armenian Church on 18th February 2005 saying: “In the last two days I had been with the representatives of our Gulf communities,
during which I had the opportunity to discuss with them common affairs and to regain strength and determination for a new period of work”.

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