12 March 2005

Activities of Kuwait Armenians (February 2005)

From 24-26 February 2005 (coinciding with the National Day of Kuwait) the Armenian School of Kuwait organized a traditional "Kermes" (sort of open air bazaar with accompanying cultural and musical activities).

Armenian ladies association of Kuwait contributed in this event by providing home-made traditional food.

"Kohar" Armenian Orchestra's DVD was displayed throughout the festival, with Armenian social and patriotic songs.

A lottery was drawn and the lucky person was Mr. Haigaz Tahmazian of Dubai, who donated the prize (a 2005 model car) to the Armenian School.

See Armenian text and an earlier photo of the Armenian school at:

Another event that involved the youth of the community was the solidarity evening devoted to the Armenians of Javakhk (South Western Georgia), who are facing difficult social and economic times. It is reported that some Georgian clergymen are defacing the Armenian scripts on the historical monuments and placing placards instead with Georgian scripts.

"Hrayr Tjokhk" coral presented a bundle of patriotic songs.

Mr. Melik Karakavourian was especially invited from Lebanon to deliver a lecture to the Armenians of Kuwait. He said that Armenians should keep their determination high in order to gain all their rights. If the right political moment arises we should be prepared for it. Only with strong will and preparation we can continue our mission, he stated.

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