08 April 2005

Ara Ashjian's comments in Arabic language on Birand's article (wake up call)

Ara Ashjian presents to readers of Arabic language his views about an article by the Turkish journalist Mehmet Ali Birand in the "Turkish Daily News" (9th February 2005), in which the latter admits that the Turkish policy against the worldwide recognition of the Armenian Genocide has failed.

See comments of Ara Ashjian in Arabic language at:

About Mehmet Ali Birand's article:

The article is entitled "We Missed the Train". The author says that the Armenians made success in recognition of the Genocide especially in the West. He suggests to elaborate a new line in the Turkish policy. "The Armenians consequently achieved their aim in the course of the last 75 years. They published thousands of books and articles, opened departments at Universities ..."

Birand calls on opening a new page in the Turkish policy that will take into account the current situation of increasing danger. He stated that Turkey should wake up, elaborate a strategy and realize that it will achieve nothing if its leaves that to the historians only.

"It is high time to act at the UN and to open new horizons for achieving success in the international arena. Wake up!" he appeals.

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