08 May 2005

Exhibition of Jean Paul Guiragossian in Abu Dhabi

"Visu Art" (www.visu-art.com) invites you to the preview and cocktail of an
art exhibition, to discover the work of distinctive contemporary artists:
paintings of Jean Paul Guiragossian, sculptures of Veronique Longchamp,
Emilio Velilla, Angel Criado, Oscar Alvarino, Manuel Mateo, Angel Florez and
Luisa Rodriguez.

The preview cocktail will be held on Wednesday, May 11th 2005, from
6:30-9:00 pm, Thursday, May 12th 2005, from 10 am – 9 pm, at the upper hall
lobby of the Beach Rotatan Hotel and Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

For more information you are requested to contact Gladys Accad
(gladys@visu-art.com, mobile 0506512958) or Colette Arslan
(colette@visu-art.com, mobile 050-5535011)

Paintings of Jean Paul Guiragossian were exhibited in the past, in the
"Cultural Foundation" of Abu Dhabi, and in the Dubai Ladies' Cultural Club
in 2003.

Born on the 20th March 1967 Jean Paul Guiragossian grew up learning how to
paint in his Father’s Studio, the famous painter Paul Guiragossian
(1926-1994). He attended the Lebanese University of Fine Arts and the
Ontario College of Art (Canada, 1984-1987). He has participated in
exhibitions since 1972, when he was at the age of five.

Contact Paul Guiragossian: jpgossian@yahoo.com

Online Museum: http://www.jeanpaulguiragossian.com/

Check the following archive article about the previous exhibition in the

Upper-Left Photo in www.azad-hye.com: Painting by Jean Paul Guiragossian,
Past & Future 2-1997, Oil on Canvass, 80 x 65 cm

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