27 May 2005

Peter Balakian in Cyprus

An unprecedented crowd filled Utudjian Hall last Friday to listen to the
author of "The Black Dog of Fate" and "The Burning Tigris" Peter Balakian,
who had come to Cyprus for a single lecture, organised by the Hamazkayin
Oshakan Cyprus Chapter.

The slide aided presentation, the discussion, the cocktail and book signing
that followed was an experience that will undoubtedly stay with all of us,
either as a memory of the evening or while we read Balakian's books.

Armed with the information and passion transmitted to us, we all feel we are
better ambassadors of our cause for international recognition of the
Armenian Genocide.

Peter Balakian and his aide Doris Varjabedian Cross were guests of the
Armenian community at a dinner that followed at a local taverna. The
following day they also took the opportunity to cross the Green Line and
visit the ruined Armenian neighbourhood.

Images from the lecture/discussion, the dinner, the walk about the Turkish
occupied Armenian neighbourhood at:


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