15 August 2005

121 killed in plane crash including 4 Armenians

AZAD-HYE (14 August 2005): Just one day before the day of Assumption, when
many people in Greece and Cyprus take their annual summer vacations, a
tragic airplane incident changed the mood of the millions.

A Cypriot plane belonging to Helios Airways crashed into a mountainous area
some 50 kilometres north east of Athens, causing the death of all 121
passengers and crew members on board, including 48 children, the majority of
them Greek Cypriots.

The Boeing 737, which departed Larnaca at about 9 a.m. on 14/8/2005 was due
to fly on to Prague in the Czech Republic.

It is unfortunate also to hear about the death of one Armenian family
amongst the victims of this airline disaster.

Hagop Tutunjian, a Cypriot Armenian, was heading to Greece with his wife and
two children to spend the summer vacations. Their demise will leave a big
wound in the Cypriot Armenian Community.

Hagop has been working in a cable company in Sharjah (UAE) until 1986. He
was known to the Armenians as "Jack", a very helpful personality who
contributed to community life and used to play football in Sharjah and
Dubai, participating in many football tournaments.

Back in Cyprus he was nicknamed "Akouli". He was also active in the Cypriot
Armenian Community as member of the School Board of the Narek School.

Our prayers go to all the victims of the Helios Airways plane.

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