23 October 2005

New book by Professor Nikolai Hovhannesian

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, The
Institute of Oriental Studies at RA National Academy of Sciences published
the book by professor Nikolai Hovhanissian.

The book is entitled "The Armenian Genocide Highlighted by the Arabian
Historians." It is published by state assistance and by the decree of the
State Committee for the Arrangements Dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of
the Armenian Genocide. The author dedicated his work to the memory of all
the victims of the Armenian Genocide in 1915, "to all the young Armenian
girls that couldn't become brides and all the young Armenian boys that
didn't become men," as well as "to all the generous Arabs that were kind
enough to reach a helping hand to the Armenians in the hard days of 1915 on
their way to Golgotha."

The book thoroughly represents the researches of the Arabian historians on
the reasons and the essence of the Armenian Genocide, as well as the methods
and mechanisms of its implementation. The author emphasized the importance
of the fact that the Arabian historians began using the term "Armenocide"
(elimination of the Armenians).

They stated that the Armenian Genocide was the dark page of the XX century.
At the same time, the Arabian historians say that the Ottoman Empire is a
country of massacres carried out not only against Armenians but also against
Arabs, Greeks, Assyrians, Slavonian nations, as well as against other
non-Turkish minor nations that lived there.

The author pays special attention to the facts of rendering help to the
Armenians by Arabs in the years of the Genocide.

Source: AZG Armenian Daily #022, 09/02/2005
By Ruzan Poghosian

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