30 October 2005

Special issue of the "Foreign Literatures" (Damascus, Syria) dedicated to the Armenian Literature

"Foreign Literatures" (Al Adab Al Ajnabiya), the 30 year old prestigious
periodical of the Arab Writers' Union (Damascus, Syria), has dedicated its
Summer 2005 Edition (issue no. 123) to the Armenian literature.

In the introduction of the issue, the Managing Editor of the publication Dr.
Housein Jumaa points out in an article titled "The great value of the
literature of other nations", to the significance of the project in terms of
comparative literature and underlines that it is about a "literature that
belongs to a nation living in geographic proximity to Syria, particularly in
the district of Aleppo, a city that enjoyed a great deal of attention from
Armenian historians such as the 12th century
Matthew of Edessa (Matteos Urhayetsi), author of "The Chronicle".

After mentioning the Western contribution in the progress of Oriental
Studies, Dr. Jumaa refers to other Schools, such as the Russian and Armenian

Dr. Jumaa concludes that every kind of genuine writings aim at reaching
readers belonging to all nations, locations and periods of time. He
concluded that the Syrian readers have to be aware of foreign literatures as
an important step in the process of development and reformation.

Soon after the introduction, the Head of the Armenian Apostolic Church in
Aleppo, Bishop Shahan Sarkissian writes an article that highlights the value
of the Armenian oriental studies under the title: "The contribution of
Orientalism to humanity / the example of the Armenian studies".

Following is the list of the remaining articles in the issue:
(See the content in Arabic at:


"Brief glimpse of the old Armenian poetry (8th century AD)", prepared by
Houry Azezian
"Armenian Proverbs", translated by Hagop Michaelian
"Interview with William Saroyan (1908-1981)", by Zori Balayan, translated by
Nabil Al-Moujalla


"Painter Varoujan Artounian", by Kapriel Takvorian, translated by Haroutyoun
"Armenia is my roots", by Asdghig Tchamkerten, translated by Abdallah Hajjar
"He was a different person (forgive me mother because I wrote about your
beloved Bedo)", by Simon Simonian, translated by Hrach Kalsahakian
"It is God's command", by Simon Simonian, translated by Mihran Minassian
"The mountain violet", by Aksel Pagounts, translated from the English
language by Taoufik Al Asadi
"The white lamb", by Sero Khanzadian, translated from the English language
by Taoufik Al Asadi
"Love story", by Avetik Isahakian, translated by Hrach Kalsahakian
"Consolation", by Avetik Isahakian, translated by Hrach Kalsahakian


Poetry of Sayat Nova, translated by Berdjouhi Avedian
Poet Nerses Shnorhali [St. Nerses the Gracious (1102-1172)], by Srpouhi
Hairabedian, translated by Nizar Khalili
Celebrities of modern Armenian poetry, translated by Nabil Al Moujalla


From the Armenian satire: Hagop Baronian (1891-1843), translated by Nora
Author and theatrical writer Levon Shant‏: From the philosophical and
psychological to the historical and vice versa, by Khatchig Arslanian
"Vart Shoushan" (1867), by poet and theatrical writer Bedros Tourian,
translated by Houda Antypa and Vartan Dermendjian

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