09 February 2006

Oldest daughter of writer Oshagan passes away in Amman

From: "Azg" Yerevan Armenian language daily newspaper

7 February 2005

By Hakob Tsulikian

At the age of 86, Anahit Oshakan Voskerichian, honored teacher and founder-member of the Fund for Armenian Relief passed away in Amman, Jordan, The Armenian Mirror Spectator reports.

The oldest child of Hakob Oshakan and Arax Astrchian, Anahit was born in 1919 in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and was brought up in Cairo and Cyprus where her father lectured for local Armenian schools. In 1934 her family settled in Jerusalem where Hakob Oshakan worked at Targmanchats Monastery.

Anahit graduated from the American Academy in Jerusalem but the WW II hindered her to continue her studies in Paris. In 1943 she married an architect from Erzrum named Tiran Voskerchian. For many years she taught history at the School of Christian Missioners in Amman and then was appointed headmistress of AGBU's local school. In her declining years, particularly after her brother Vahe Oshakan's death, Anahit made every effort to transport her father's legacy to Armenia.

"She was a well of knowledge. One could always learn something from her," one of her closest friends said.


Picture taken by Azad-Hye (the tomb of Hagop Oshagan in Aleppo).


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