04 February 2006

Poetry reading by Dikran Kapoyan

Azad-Hye, Dubai, 4 February, 2006: Dikran Kapoyan is a young Syrian Armenian poet (born in Aleppo, 1974). He has graduated from Karen Jeppe High School (known also as Jemaran), followed by graduate studies in International Relations (Department of Politics) in Yerevan.

He has two poetry books: “Arrow released to sky” (1995) and “Disassociated” (2002), both published in Yerevan. He has signed articles in various Armenian magazines dealing with politics, literature and subjects of general interest.

On 27th January 2006, the poetry-loving audience in Aleppo was invited to a reading session by Dikran Kapoyan at the “Art River” Gallery (Villat Street). This was not the first time that Kapoyan met the public. In April 2004 he presented his second book to an audience eager to share with him moments of poetic inspiration and escalation.

This time the reading was accompanied by two guitarists (Sarkis Turbendian and Sarkis Matosian), who provided the evening with the necessary live and vivid sound tracks.

This one hour event enriched the public with the power of the poetic word. Following the session a dialogue was initiated between the audience and the poet on several crucial themes.

Kapoyan is in constant worry. He goes through all the suffering of the human soul, aiming always at understanding the human nature. This quest leads him to embrace global concerns. He tries to go deep into understanding the meaning of life and the idea behind the universe. In this respect he does not belong to Aleppo only. He is in fact a worldwide citizen, who aspires to establish dialogue with everyone and to share knowledge about everything.

He is a dreamer who captures the essence of the Armenian spirit, a spirit that wants to express itself in the mother tongue and reach a height beyond the usual spoken form.

Here are excerpts from his poetry in Armenian language:

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