24 March 2006

Hunchak Party revises policy regarding presence in Armenia

On 23 March 2006, Arthur Baghdasarian, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia (Parliament) received Setrag Ajemian, the Chairman of the Central Board of the Social Democratic Hunchak Party (SDHP) and two other senior members: Matsak Poladian (Board member) and Lyudmila Sargsyan (Party's representative in Armenia).

Matsak Poladian informed the Speaker about a recent Party Congress held in Cyprus, during which a unanimous decision was taken to revise political strategy and return to Armenia, promoting main activity in the homeland.

The party had decided also to open offices in European capitals, especially in Brussels, in order to expand lobbying and European integration activities.

Baghdasarian welcomed the party's decision to return to Armenia and touched upon political and legislative processes in Armenia, amendments in the Electoral Code, the draft bill on dual citizenship, the immigration policy, inter-party relationships, etc.

Hunchak Party has structures in 14 countries. It is one of the three "traditional" Armenian parties that operated only in the Diaspora during the Soviet times. Being established by a group of Armenians in Geneva in 1887, it was the first Armenian political organization with detailed political program.

Compiled by Azad-Hye


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