16 April 2006

Armenian Sunday School in Abu Dhabi

We received the following message co-signed by the Pastor of the Armenian Church in the UAE Father Aram Deyirmendjian and the Council of the Armenian Community of Abu Dhabi

(See the scanned copy of the Armenian text below).

Abu Dhabi, 10 April 2006, no. 40/2006

“We live in a world where moral values are declining and people with their damaging acts are guiding others to an unknown future.

The human life without the religious guidance will fail in its mission. Life is full of surprises and experiences that require the support of religious values to succeed.

A person must be guided when young. The Armenian Sunday school shall guide the soul and the mind of the children by introducing the religious principles and the Armenian language.

The Armenian Sunday school hours are on every Friday from 11:00 to 12:30 a.m. at Saint Joseph Church compound with a complimentary bus transportation service provided.

Dear parents, the childhood and the adulthood are the best times to introduce your child to the values and education of the Armenian Sunday school that will help them later on to become successful and proud Armenians.

With these beliefs, we ask you to provide this complementary education to your children".

Father Aram
And the Council of the Armenian Community of Abu Dhabi


16 April 2006

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