28 May 2006

Mesrobian one day Armenian School of Qatar completes 2nd academic year

Doha - May 27, 2006: The Mesrobian One Day Armenian School of Qatar
completed its second academic year. On the occasion of the annual Easter
visit of the Prelate Archbishop Gorun Babyan to Qatar, who was accompanied
by the perish priest of UAE Father Aram Dekermendjian, a gathering was
organized to complete the activities of the school under the patronage of
Serpazan Hayr, and Der Hayr, with the presence of students, parents,
teachers, administration, the chairman and representatives of Armenian
national council of Qatar.

In his welcoming speech, the school administrator of the current academic
year Sarkis Kerkezian, thanked the parents and the teachers for their
support and cooperation which helped the school to overcome all the
difficulties and the challenges during the passed academic year. He
emphasized the importance of the learning the Armenian language, religion
and History that will evolve the Armenian spirit among the new generation.

The students prayed collectively the Holy prayer, sang songs and recited
poems learned during the past two academic years. Through their performance
they were able to give a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to their
parents and the audience.

Archbishop Gorun Babyan was invited to deliver his message to the students
and the parents. He emphasized the importance of the continuity and
persistence to overcome all the challenges of the school. He gave several
examples from the Armenian communities of neighboring gulf countries and how
they started with the same humble beginnings and now have grown into a full
fledge organized schools. He said that some of the students who had
graduated from the One day Armenian schools have pursued careers and
doctorate degrees in Armenian Literature and History. Serpazan Hayr stressed
on the importance of commitment and dedication to the objectives of the
school which will enhance the presence of the Armenian character in this
rapidly developing community. He thanked the Lebanese Ambassador and the
director of the Lebanese school for providing the school facilities.

Father Aram Dekermendjian, who visits Qatar every Christmas and Easter to
perform the Holy Mass and the blessing of the Armenian homes, gave a word of
encouragement to the school administration and the council with whom he has
been interacting in the last few years. He described the current status of
the two Armenian one day schools in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi and the zealous
effort that the community members are putting in their preservation and

The event ended with a souvenir photo session, which was followed by a
community lunch.


About Mesrobian Armenian one day school of Qatar
Mesrobian Armenian one day School was established by the Armenian National
Council of Qatar in 2004. The School was named after St. Mesrob since its
establishment date coincided with the 1600 centenary celebrations of the
Armenian alphabet invention.

Currently, the school has 13 registered students divided into 4 classes by
there corresponding age groups (from 4 - 12 years old). The 2 hour/week one
day school is held over the weekend according to the convenience and the
agreement of all the parents.

The curriculum of the school mainly focuses on teaching Armenian Language,
grammar, Armenian history and Religion. The classes are conducted in the
premises of the Lebanese School of Doha.

In addition to the books, workbooks, and software, the school provides a
pick up bus facility to the students.

See photos at: http://www.azad-hye.net/news/viewnews.asp?newsId=734ajj67

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