19 August 2006

Lebanon ARF Rejects Deployment of Turkish Troops in Lebanon

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Central Committee of Lebanon issued an
announcement Wednesday unequivocally rejecting the proposed deployment of
Turkish troops as part of an international peace keeping force mandated
under the UN cease-fire resolution 1701.

"Turkey should reevaluate its history before even thinking about taking part
in an international peace keeping force," the announcement declared.

"The inclusion--by the Security Council--of Turkey within the peace keeping
force to be deployed in southern Lebanon will be an insult to the collective
memory of the Armenian people," affirmed the Lebanon ARF.

The Lebanon Central Committee expressed hope that the Lebanese government
will also oppose the deployment of Turkish troops, citing Turkey's historic
enmity with many countries and its people and its bloody past, which
resulted in the Armenian Genocide.

As a historical reminder, the announcement highlighted Lebanon's own bloody
history with Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, which through systematic
persecution and murder.

From Asbarez online, 18 August 2006

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