25 February 2007

Boghos Mardirossian interviewed by Kuwaiti Al Siyasa daily

"The new Middle East includes South Caucasus states by the side of Gulf Arab states"

"Armenia is lacking the activity and tools of Azeri-Turkish anti Armenia diplomacy in the Islamic world especially in Gulf Arab states"

Azad-Hye: In an interview with Kuwaiti newspaper "Al Siyasa" (16 February 2007 / see PDF format file in Arabic below), a prominent International relations expert Boghos Mardirossian residing in Kuwat, has said "Russian-Iranian alliance is not that strong and it could be broken and weakened in front of serious test by western world."

Mr. Mardirossian has analyzed in depth the strength of Iran-Russia relation. He stated "Russia and Iran have fought many wars in the past and only improved their relations after Islamic regime came to power in 1979 having a common enemy the USA in their foreign policy agenda. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia continued to retain good relations with Iran's Islamic regime".

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