27 August 2008

Serob Darbinian: An art painter from two worlds

Serob Darbinian

Azad-Hye Special

Serob Darbinian is an artist who has lived most of his life in Armenia; nevertheless, he has something to offer to his new home the Netherlands, where he moved with his family in 1996. Since 1998, he lives in a small city with a population of about 40 thousand in the middle of the Netherlands called Nijkerk.  

Darbinian was born in 1950 in Yerevan. He studied in Yerevan. He was already a well-known art painter in Armenia and Russia before settling down in the Netherlands, where he acquired fame through several exhibitions. He works now as a teacher in drawing and painting at an Academy of Art at Nunspeet.

Some of the common symbols in Darbinian's paintings are pigeons (love), horse (freedom), circles of light (divine energy) and young people (purity). As a believer he produces also artwork on religious subjects. He values freedom above all things, because "it enables me to work for all the people in the whole world", says Darbinian.

Darbinian offers courses in drawing or portrait painting, restoring old and new paintings, mutilated canvas and frescos. The following technologies are instructed during the courses: aquarel, oil painting, acryl, tempra, ink with pen, paster, sketch, pencil, etc.

The beautiful and the mirrorAzad-Hye had the following interview with Serob Darbinian:

- How did you start your work as artist? Which country has more influence on you Armenia, the Netherlands or other countries? 

After I graduated from Panos Tehlermezian Fine Arts College and the Yerevan State Academy of the Fine Arts in 1978, I started my work as an artist. After the graduation, I developed my own style, which was clearly visible in my paintings. Armenia has laid a foundation of my work. No other country can change that. Of course, the Dutch art of painting had a big influence on me, especially the Golden Age. I studied the philosophy behind the colours used in that period. I also studied the techniques used by the famous Dutch painter, Rembrandt. I have always felt spiritually connected with Rembrandt and the Golden Age. Maybe this is the reason why I am currently living in the Netherlands. During my classes, I try to bring the Golden Age back to the modern times.           

- What are the main topics that you deal with in your paintings? Do you follow a particular art school?

My main topics are faith, hope, love and the good. The main schools I follow are the Realism and the Symbolism. My paintings express my spiritual feeling. 

- We noticed that you give importance to continuous education through courses offered by you. What kind of students do you accept for teaching? Are there any criteria to be a student? Does talent play a role here? 

In my opinion, every human being is born with talent. Some do not use this talent because of several reasons. Others have the privilege to develop their talent by hard work. My main goal is to get the students acquainted with the anatomy of nature (human beings as well as creatures). This forms the foundation of every painter.

- Are you in contact with other Armenian artists inside Armenia or in countries abroad?

I keep in touch with other Armenian artists throughout the world, mostly through telecommunication.

- Do you think you are still able to paint subjects related to Armenia although you are living outside the country for a long time now?

Even when I will appear in the space by some kind of a miracle, my paintings will soak by the Armenian influence, by the national and the international art. 

- What are the ways that you adopt in making your work known to the wider public?

People mainly become acquainted with my work through my website, the exhibitions and the media.  

- Has Armenian media contacted you before and made articles or interview with you? 

I have been living abroad for 13 years. Nevertheless, I have been living as an Armenian. During this period, the Dutch media have frequently interviewed me. They have always appreciated my work. Unfortunately, there has been no contact with the Armenian media up to now, with the exception of the Armenian community in the Netherlands.  

Website: http://www.darbinian.com/

Address: Serob Darbinian
Aalscholverlaan 37 
3862 KH Nijkerk 
The Netherlands 
Tel.: +31 (0)33 246 4653 

The crucified nation (1987)
The crucified nation (graphic composition)

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