13 April 2005

David Barsamian in AUB


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David Barsamian in AUB

"Recognition is not enough there should be compensation to
the ancestors of the deported and the massacred Armenians" said
Mr. Barsamian, an American freethinking activist whose parents have
been eyewitnesses of the first Genocide of the 20th Century.

The Youth and Student Committee of the 90th Commemoration of the
Armenian Genocide had organized a lecture entitled "Armenian Genocide:
Justice Denied" in collaboration with the Human Rights and Peace Club
as well as the Lebanese-Armenian Heritage Club of AUB.

The lecture took place in the West Hall at AUB in the presence
of numerous distinguished guests including the Ambassador of the
Republic of Armenia in Lebanon, Mr. Arek Hovhannesian, Archbishop
Kegham Khatcherian, Primate of the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon,
State Minister, Mr. Alain Tabourian, Members of Parliament Sirs
Hagop Kasarjian, Yeghig Gerejian, Jan Oghasabian, Serj Tousarkisian,
representatives of political parties and social organizations.

Miss Nazeli Kandaharian spoke on behalf of the Youth and Student
Committee of the 90th Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide stressing
that "we owe our present and future to the will of those who have
secured the beating of the heart decades after decades for this we are
ever grateful." She concluded her speech inquiring "how can Humanity
prevent a crime from reoccurring when the criminal remains unpunished"?

After the opening speech, a 20 minutes-long documentary, featuring the
survivors of the Armenian Genocide, was viewed after which, Mr. Aram
Kradjian, President of the Lebanese-Armenian Heritage Club of AUB,
introduced the guest speaker.

Mr. David Barsamian stated that the Armenian Genocide "is not an
abstract, ancient history, it's our present and our daily life". He
stressed that all denial efforts exerted by the Turkish authorities
and other states like the U.S. and Israel will not succeed in deterring
the will and the determination of the Armenians.

Answering to the questions of the audience, the lecturer tackled the
issue of compensations and reminded that "Hitler knew that nothing had
happened to the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide" and concluded
that "Genocide unpunished is a Genocide encouraged".

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