15 April 2005

"The Massacres in Armenia" a book by Fayez Al Ghousein (Cairo 1917): Arabic online version

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, we are
re-publishing a book titled: "The Massacres in Armenia", by Arab author
Fayez bin Zaal Al Ghousein (1883-1968), who witnessed the Armenian
atrocities in the Ottoman Empire on the hand of the "Young Turks".

The book was originally published in Egypt (1917) and had many editions and
translations. The pages have been taken from the issue no. 64 of the Arabic
supplement of "Arev" periodical (April 2003).

Fayez Al Ghousien has been buried in the Horan Region, south of Syria.

Online version of the book at:
(each page hosts three pages, total 15 pages A4 size)

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