06 June 2005

Hamazkayin Forum 2005

Dear Fellow Armenians,

Hamazkayin has for its 11th consecutive year organized the traditional
summer Forum program, with the aim to enrich the cultural knowledge of
Armenian university students all over the world.

Kindly take your time to read the enclosed Forum flyer or visit the
Hamazkayin web site, www.hamazkayin.com to explore further, and
acquaint the young generation in your community or create awareness
about this cultivating event from which they can benefit on all

The cultural education of the Diaspora Armenian future generation is
essential and we must advocate it through all our means to ensure its
realization. The only way our upcoming generations can defend our
cause is by us providing them with the respectable information about
Armenian past and present history and geography, culture and
traditions and to familiarize them with our fatherland in an amiable
and rewarding atmosphere, in which they are willing to learn.

We think Education and Culture are our best channels of communication
to disseminate vital cultural information to the Armenian youth around
the world, and we hope that you will support us in our endeavor.

Hamazkayin Forum Committee

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