01 June 2005

Sharjah Armenian School’s Final Celebrartion 2005

Ohannesian Armenian School’s final celebration was held on 26th May
2005 in Sharjah (Armenian Community Hall).

The audience enjoyed the lovely songs and poems recited by the
students, in addition to the graceful folklore dances performed by the
8th grade girls. The themes covered the 90th anniversary of the
Armenian Genocide. There were also 2 pieces played by the Sunday
school and the kindergarten children.

Beautifully dressed as pets (bunnies, spiders, snails, etc.) the
children did their best to sum up what they learnt during the year.

As a remarkable enlargement of the school’s role in the society this
year a special class was introduced for non-Armenian speaking children
of Armenian origin who aspire to learn the essentials of the language.
We can proudly announce that the children of this new class have done
their utmost to move on from initially learning the alphabet to
forming whole and accurate sentences by the end of the given semester.

At the end of the ceremony the headmaster handed over the diplomas and
the medals for excellent students, reminding them that what
acknowledgment they receive today is actually the first step towards
their real life, during which they are called to honour their Armenian

The ceremony came to an end by playing a shourchbar Armenian
traditional round dance, to make a connecting bridge with the
Armenians who were scheduled to gather two days later around Mount
Arakadz, celebrating the first republic’s day on 28th May.

Hopefully we will see the day when all the Armenians will have their
Shourchbar dance around our Mount Ararat.

Article by: Liza / Sharjah

We will cover the Abu Dhabi Weekly School's final celebration in a
separate article.

Photo at www.azad-hye.com: Ohannessian Weekly School in Sharjah (2005)

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