08 January 2006

New Book: "Armenian Nakhichevan or distorted NAXCIVAN"

Azad-Hye, Dubai 6 January 2006: With the advent of the New Year 2006 a new
book was published by Syrian-Armenian writer Avo Katerjian (resident of
Aleppo). The book, which is one of rare publications dedicated to
Nakhichevan (historical Armenian area now under Azerbaijani control,
situated between Armenia and Iran), examines the history of Nakhichevan, its
villages, churches and well-known people.
The book sheds light on the destruction of the Armenian cultural heritage in
that area by the Azeris, referring also to the recent vandalism committed
against historical stone-crosses, an act that has received some
international attention due to the circulation of a short film showing Azeri
soldiers busy in the demolition mission.
Avo Katerjian believes firmly that Nakhichevan cannot be forgotten or wiped
out from the Armenian history.
The main chapters of the book:
-The destruction caused by Communism and the arbitrary policy of Stalin.
-Nakhichevan: victim of false agreements.
-Main locations (Charour, Chugha, Kokhten, Ordubad, etc.)
-Famous people from Nakhichevan.
-The falsification of geographical locations: Numerous locations (including
the name of the area itself, many villages, mountains, rivers, etc.) used to
have Armenian names but later the Azeris, following the example of their
kinsmen in Turkey, changed those names into Turkish ones.
-The Annihilation of the Armenian cultural heritage.
-Basic guidelines for Armenian official policy towards the area.
At the end of the book, Avo Katerjian points out that the Azeris are trying
to create new facts on the ground. This danger should be faced by the whole
Armenian nation, he concludes.
Avo Katerjian has published many articles in the Armenian press dealing with
other aspects of Nakhichevan.
The book is enriched with old and recent photos (such as the famous stone
crosses) and a detailed bibliography. It ends with a poem written by the
author in 1996 dedicated to Nakhichevan and performed by “Mesrob Mahsdots”
Armenian Children’s Choir in Aleppo, Syria. The same song is included in the
accompanying CD. 
Author Avo Katerjian could be reached at: avokat@namag.com
For purchasing a copy please contact: hrach@emirates.net.ae

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