13 January 2006

"Armenian greetings: love and peace to the World"

Azad-Hye, Dubai 13 January 2006: Kuwaiti “Al Qabas” Arabic daily published
in its 7th January 2006 issue an interview with Giragos (Garo) Kouyoumdjian
on the occasion of the celebration of Christmas by the Armenians in Kuwait.
The interview was part of a wider coverage of the Armenian Community
prepared by journalist Layla Al Saraf:

“I wish health and wellbeing to all”. With this phrase Armenian businessman
Giragos Kouyoumdjian and his brother Hagop started the conversation on the
occasion of the New Year and Christmas celebrations by the Armenians. “It is
an opportunity for the individual to evaluate the outcome of a complete
year, revising the possible mistakes that have been committed and regretting
the casualties that have been suffered. In the meantime it is a time for
sensing deep pride and contentment for various accomplished achievements”.

The beginning of the year is an occasion for expressing increased wishes and
expectations on all levels: individual, family, relatives, friends,
compatriots and homeland, said Kouyoumdjian, stressing that “It is quite
common for individuals to forget what the Arab famous poet once said: Not
everything that a person aspires can be accessed”.

Kouyoumdjian carried on his thoughts expressing thanks and gratitude to the
State of Kuwait and its people for the care and hospitality they provide to
the Armenian Community. Dignified life, respect towards all beliefs,
constant easiness of conducting private and business affairs are the
characteristics of this country. He underlined that the freedom of belief
and the observance of religious rituals are maintained in the Kuwaiti

Elaborating on the wishes that could be materialized during the coming year
Kouyoumdjian said: “I wish that the difficulties my beloved country and
birthplace Syria is facing now to be resolved and the black clouds that are
dominating on the horizon to be dispersed very soon. I wish the crisis of my
motherland Armenia with neighboring Azerbaijan and Turkey to be resolved too
and the dreadful embargo imposed on Armenia for more than ten years to be
lifted, thus easing the sufferings of the Armenians and paving the way for
the settlement of the disputes”.

Kouyoumdjian called on the “Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development” to
provide aid to nations in need, expressing the hope that Armenia would be
placed on the top of the list of the countries that would be granted
financial or economic assistance by Kuwait in the coming year, so that the
Armenians will economically rise and participate in the global development
and prosperity process.

Concluding the interview Kouyoumdjian expressed the wish that Kuwaiti
authorities provide a piece of land to the Armenian Community in a suitable
location in Kuwait City to construct a school and a church together with
adjacent facilities that will host athletic, cultural and social activities,
making it possible for the Armenians of Kuwait to meet in a place
appropriate to the nature of the civilization to which they belong and by
means of which they would be able to express their full and sincere
gratitude to the all. 
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