08 December 2007

The art of Andrey Antonyan

By Sylvia Bourdjian – Matta

Azad-Hye special

"The Art of Andrey Antonyan" is a newly published book depicting Andrey’s art in 3 branches: Paintings, Iconography and Restoration with views from various art critics. The book is rich in photos illustrating the artist’s works.

I met him in Aleppo in 1993 when he came to restore the old holy icons of the Forty Martyrs' Cathedral and stayed until 1997. He was invited by Archbishop Souren Kataroian (then Primate of Aleppo and the surroundings until 2003) to restore and revive 25 paintings that were produced from 17th - 19th centuries and represented the expression of Armenian thought and creativity in Aleppo. Read more.