30 December 2007

A celebration of beauty through Ten Years… Armenia

Interview with Carlos Jose Bourdjian on the occasion of his exhibition in Yerevan (13-21 October 2007).

Report and interview by Nanor Mikayelian.

Azad-Hye Special.

"It is not necessary to always use a professional camera, as long as it comes from your heart and soul"Carlos Jose Bourdjian Carlos Jose Bourdjian graduated with honor from Aleppo University, Faculty of Business and Economics in 1994, holding a BA in Business Administration, but as many of us, his passion was always the arts, so he attended classes for professional photography at "Le Pont gallery" by Issa Touma in 1997, and then improved himself to adopt his own style in classic and abstract themes.
Carlos has always loved life, and skimming through his works, one can definitely feel his positive outlook, something that makes him the free spirited man and artist he is today. The photographer recently had his first solo exhibition in Yerevan, entitled "Ten Years…Armenia", which embodied ninety six interesting photos of the country, landscapes and the artist - friends Carlos has made during his several visits to Motherland Armenia.

The exhibition was held at The Club, in two separate halls, as it was divided into three categories: the first part included photos of Syria (where the artist is from). The second part presented Armenia in two different aspects: Holy Armenia with its churches and different sacred places, and Armenia in general, which included scenes from Yerevan, several monuments and of course the mount of all Armenians – Ararat. As for the third part which was presented in a different hall, there were portraits of celebrity artists with whom Carlos got acquainted within the last ten years, where one could also listen to a CD of songs and performances by the eminent artists themselves throughout all ten days of the exhibition.

It’s worth mentioning that all the Ararat photos were framed in barbed wires to symbolize - as Carlos expressed - how powerful yet how captivated Ararat is.

Days after his return to Syria, we sat down and had this casual chat which I’d like to share with you all. Read more.